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- Coating Service
     Foshan Xuanchen Titanium Gold Factory is self-established titanium gold process factory of our company which makes rich researches on vacuum coating replacing traditional water electroplating, making great progress on coating on the substrates of plastic, stainless steel, iron and copper, etc.. So that vacuum coating was applied in phone case, watch case & strap, ceramics & ceramic tile, glass & crystal£¬jewelry£¬hardware, etc. Helping customers realize green coating.
     Main Coating Products: Stainless Steel Furniture, Showing Frame, Stainless Steel Engineered Products, Door Lock, Handle, Artware, Motorcycle & Car Accessory Modified Parts, Decorative Lighting, Golf Head, etc.
Main Coating Color: Black Ti Gold, Rose Gold, Rose Red, Champaign Gold, French Gold, Multi Color, Jewelry Blue, Coffee, Bronze, Ti Gold, Gun Gray, Amaranth, etc.
Contact: Mr. Meng
Mob: 13927750658

- Chamber Process
     Foxin Vacuum Coating Equipment is innovated by Foxin, adopting high utilization arc targets, designing completely for structure, vacuum system, deposition system. Main equipments include: Magnetron Ion Sputtering Coating Equipment, Multi-Arc Ion Sputtering Coating Equipment, Multi-Arc Ion Coating Equipment such normal and special single coating equipment, meeting the need of coating process of various industries. According to different customer¡¯s requirements, Foxin Vacuum optimizes and combines the modular design to realize humanism operation. With the advantage of high productivity, high quality and reliability, Foxin Vacuum Coating Equipment gains the acknowledge of customers home and abroad.
     We can provide chamber process service from height 700mm-6500mm, Diameter 500mm-3700mm(any combination of them).




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